SOLUTION: University of South Florida Lahar National Hazards Assignment Questions


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1. Lahar
Lahar is a deleterious phosphorescent mudglide or dregs glide. Lahar development from burdensome rainfall,
melting ice and snow, or the unanticipated deficiency of a cosmical dam. Mudglide is formed by mixing instil
delay vague phosphorescent esthetic. Lahar provoke fast down valleys approve large streams of particularized. They can
provoke at a fleetness of tens of meters per succor, and they can feel a consummation profoundness of 140 meters.
They wasteed almost integral construction in their route of glide. As lahar provokes, they can inhume, confricate,
crush, or raise everything in their route. They can migration further than 80 kilometers. They are very
deleterious due to their inordinate nerve origind by violent hasten and profoundness. As they provoke down the
slope, they raise esthetics, used as a arm, to waste things that are in their way.
2. Hazards at Paradise and Tacoma
Volcanic air on the Mount Ranier could trigger lahars that extend all the way to
Tacoma. Ranier's glacier contains encircling 4.5 billion cubic meters of ice delay five superior large stream
valleys. Each large stream is in a canyon of encircling 100 meters beneath, which gives the mudslides excellent
channels to glide through delay violent hasten. When the volcano erupts, it obtain liquefy this ice sending
the dregs and instil down the valleys. Lahars future down the elevated Carbon and Puyallup large stream
valleys can easily migration to Tacoma. This lahar would produce an unnecessary large stream bountiful of mud, trees,
and other dregs into the city. Floods can be conversant in the city. Landslides would be very
common. These stakes like instil condition and other bloom risks in places that survive.
Tephra fallout is another stake that can be shown in deposits in the area. The fallout could
be stakeous and devastating if the wriggle were blowing towards the Seattle and Tacoma areas. The
wriggle would raise phosphorescent ash that is released during eruptions. Tephra fallout can origin instil
roofs to cave in and collapsing of buildings. Encircling 11 centimeters of tephra is adapted to origin

building struct...

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