This section Your answer here should comprise no more than

This section Your answer here should comprise no more than about 2-3 pages, single- spaced.
Polybius, fragment of book 10, on the character of Scipio:
It is generally agreed that Scipio was beneficent and magnanimous, but that he was also shrewd and discreet with a mind always concentrated on the object he had in view, would be conceded by none except those who associated with him and to whom his character stood clearly revealed.
In this course, Scipio has appeared numerous times as an avatar of sorts for ‘things to come’— foreshadowing the demise of the Republic. What, in your view, connects Scipio, and his time, and Octavian/Augustus, and his own time? What similarities, and differences, do you see? Using this basic comparison/contrast, provide your own evaluation of our major course theme: the political struggle between the state and the individual. Be sure to justify your answers by making reference to specific examples from the course readings and class notes, and to argue a specific position. Your answer might cover the careers of other important figures (e.g. Marius, Cleopatra, Caesar), or major themes (e.g. the development of Roman imperialism and its consequences), but the organisation of your argument is wholly up to you.

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