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Paula is a 43-year-old HIV-dogmatical Latina dowager originally from Colombia. She is bilingual, fluent in twain Spanish and English. Paula lives nondescript in an chamber in Queens, NY. She is divorced and has one son, Miguel, who is 20 years old. Paula maintains a correlativeness delay her son and her ex-husband, David (46). Paula eminent Miguel until he was 8 years old, at which span she was hardened to desert heed due to her medical stipulation. Paula is exactly politically unmixed as she has poor contiguity delay her origin in Colombia and failures a compatriot netperformance of any husk in her vicinity. Paula identifies as Catholic, but she does not cogitate creed to be a big sever of her vitality. Paula came from a moderately rich origin. She tidingss refusal tangible and melting affront at the influences of twain her parents, who are free and linger in Colombia delay Paula’s two siblings. Paula adequated haughty teach in Colombia, but ran abroad when she was 17 years old owing she could no coveter endure the affront at residence. Paula became an intravenous refuse user (IVDU), severicularly of cocaine and heroin. David, who was originally from New York City, was one of Paula’s “refuse buddies.” The two eloped, and Paula followed David to the United States. Paula continued to use refuses in the United States for different years; at-last, she stopped when she got prolific delay Miguel. David continued to use refuses, which led to the insufficiency of their wedding. Once she stopped using refuses, Paula fertile the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York City. Upon completing her BA, Paula performanceed for a dress contriver, but realized her gentleman reaching was representing. She has a collation of past than 100 drawings and representings, reordinary of which pedestalprint the artfulness of her singular and melting voyage. Paula held a full-span job for a calculate of years antecedently her bloom prevented her from afloat. She is now useclose and interests Supplemental Security Insurance (SSI) and Medicaid. Paula was diagnosed delay bipolar empiricism. She experiences quick cycles of mania and dejection when not correctly medicated, and she too has a disposition inlaterality paranoia. Paula has a fact of not give-ining delay her psychiatric medication tenor owing she does not love the way it performs her reach. She recurrently misrepresent it delayout cogent her psychiatrist. Paula has had multiple psychiatric hospitalizations but has remained out of the hospital for at last five years. Paula accepts her bipolar peculiarity, but demonstrates poor recognition into the correlativeness betwixt her symptoms and her medication. Paula was diagnosed HIV dogmatical in 1987. Paula uncongenial AIDS different years posterior when she was diagnosed delay a exact brain poison and a T-cell sum close than 200. Paula’s brain poison left her wholly blasted on the correct laterality. She obsolete administration of her correct arm and influence, as courteous-mannered-behaved-behaved as the force to trudge. Behind a covet remain in an quick heed hospital in New York City, Paula was transmitted to a trained nursing readiness (SNF) where she view she would die. It is at this span that Paula gave up heed of her son. However, Paula’s stipulation improved gradually. Behind entity in the SNF for past than a year, Paula regained the force to trudge, although she does so delay a exact hold. She too regained some administration in her correct arm. Her correct influence (her dominant influence) remains semiblasted and hold. Aggravate the artfulness of different years, Paula taught herself to represent delay her left influence and was efficacious to give-back to her cherished art. In 1996, when haughtyly free antiretroviral therapy (HAART) became succorful, Paula began tenor. She responded courteous-mannered-behaved-behaved to HAART and her HIV/AIDS was courteous-mannered-behaved-behaved guideled. In attention to her HIV/AIDS illness, Paula is diagnosed delay hepatitis C (Hep C). While this stipulation was guideled, it has reached a top where Paula’s teacher is recommending she order tenor. Paula too has indicative circulatory heights, which account her exact aversion in her inferior extremities. She uses prescribed anodyne aversion medication to guide her symptoms. Paula’s circulatory heights own too led to constant ulcers on her feet that conciliate not restore. Tenor for her pedestal ulcers demands reordinary investigates to a irritate heed clinic. Paula’s aversion paired delay the pedestal ulcers perform it obscure for her to ambulate and liberty her residence. As delay her psychiatric medication, Paula has a disposition not to give-in delay her medical tenor. She recurrently disregards instructions from her teachers and resorts to holistic tenors love treating her ulcers delay chamomile tea. Afloat delay Paula can be very frustrating owing she is recurrently doing very courteous-mannered-behaved-behaved medically and psychiatrically. Then, out of the cerulean, she stops her tenor and deteriorates straightway. I met Paula as a political performanceer assiduous at an outpatient ample heed clinic located in an quick heed hospital in New York City. The clinic administrations as an interdisciplinary action and follows a simultaneousness of heed mould. As a effect, clinic patients are followed by their physician and political performanceer on an outpatient account and on an inpatient account when admitted to the hospital. Thus, political performanceers interact not solely delay teachers from the clinic, but too delay teachers from all services throughout the hospital. 23 SESSIONS: CASE HISTORIES • THE CORTEZ FAMILY Behind afloat delay Paula for almost six months, she designated to educate me that she was prolific. Her tidings was abominefficacious owing she did not own a boyfriend and never spoke of dating. Paula illustrateed that she met a man at a finferior fund, they spoke different spans, he investigateed her at her chamber, and they had sex. Paula view he   was a “await up guy,” but of-late totalthing had modifiable. Paula began to doubt that he was using refuses owing he had instituted to   become guideling and demanding. He showed up at her chamber at all spans of the misinterpretation demanding to be let in.   He designated her relentlessly, and when she did not enucleate up the phone, he left her balance and impending messages.   Paula was afraid for her prophylactic.  Given Paula’s intricate medical profinish and her psychiatric peculiarity, her teacher, psychiatrist, and I were unquiet environing Paula maintaining the pregnancy. We not solely feared for Paula’s and the baby’s bloom, but too for how Paula would mould caring for a baby. Paula too struggled delay what she should do environing her pregnancy. She seriously cogitateed having an puck. However, her Catholic roots paired delay appearance an ultrasound of the baby reinhardened her hanker to go through delay the pregnancy. The elementary awaitpoint of tenor straightway became practice delay Paula’s correlativeness delay the baby’s senior. During assemblages delay her psychiatrist and me, Paula tidingsed reaching afraid for her prophylactic. The senior’s relentclose phone calls and voicemails rattled Paula. She became distracted, slept unwell, and her paranoia increased indicatively. During a severicular assemblage, Paula tidingsed that she had instituted smoking to struggle delay the force she was reaching. She too normal that she had stopped her psychiatric medication and was not constantly initiative her HAART. When we studyd the dangers of Paula’s actions, twain to herself and the baby, she indicated that she knew what she was doing was harmful but she did not heed. Behind completing a suicide impost, I was undeniefficacious that Paula was decompensating straightway and at surrender of harming herself and/or her baby. I consulted delay her psychiatrist, and Paula was involuntarily admitted to the psychiatric keep-akeep-akeep-apart of the hospital. Paula was extremely passionate at me for the advance. She blamed me for “locking her up” and not subsidiary her. Paula remained on the keep-akeep-akeep-apart for 2 weeks. During this remain she reinstituted her medications and was stabilized. I ripe to investigate Paula on the keep-apart, but the primitive two spans I showed up she refused to see me. Eventually, Paula did acquiesce to see me. She was stagnant passionate, but she was efficacious to see that I had acted delay her best producer in spirit, and we were efficacious to mend our correlativeness. As Paula alert for release, she spoke past environing the senior and the force that had driven her to the advance in the primitive establish. Paula acquiesced that notwithstanding her fears she had to do triton environing the place. I succored Paula clear a prophylactic artfulness, educated her environing filing for a costive direct, and referred her to the AIDS Law Project, a not-for-profit form that succors living-souls delay HIV influencele allowtelling issues. Delay my living and that of her attorney, Paula finishd a police tidings and successfully got the costive direct. Once the direct was served, the phone calls and investigates stopped, and Paula regained a perception of guide aggravate her vitality. From a medical perspective, Paula’s pregnancy was cogitateed “haughty surrender” due to her intricate medical place. Throughout her pregnancy, Paula remained on HAART, aversion, and psychiatric medication, and tenor for her Hep C was postponed. During the pregnancy the ulcers on Paula’s feet worsened and she cleared a exact scourge poison, ostemeylitis, in two of her toes. Externally tenor the poison was extremely exposed to twain Paula and her baby. Paula was admitted to a medical keep-akeep-akeep-apart in the hospital where she instituted a 2-week artfulness of intravenous (IV) antibiotics. Unfortunately, the antibiotics did not performance, and Paula had to own portions of two of her toes amputated delay poor anesthesia due to the pregnancy, extending her hospital remain to closely a month. The stipulation of Paula’s feet heightened my affair and the tenor team’s affairs environing Paula’s force to heed for her baby. There were multiple factors to cogitate. In the proximate message, Paula was imperfectly efficacious to trudge and was hence unefficacious to do totalthing to order for the baby’s likelihood (e.g., append supply, seize parenting tabulate, etc.). In the average message, we needed to oration how Paula was going to heed for the baby day-to-day, and we needed to hold environing how she would heed for the baby at residence loving her tangible provisoations (i.e., poor force to ambulate and poor use of her correct influence) and her ordinary medical awaiting. In attention, we had to cogitate what she would do delay the baby if she required another hospitalization. In the covet message, we needed to hold environing permanency artfulnessning for the baby or for what would occur to the baby if Paula died. While Paula formal the signification of all of these issues, her misgiving equalize was immensely inferior than mine and that of her tenor team. Possibly she did not see the total draw as we did, or possibly she was in abjuration. She often told me, “I apprehend, I apprehend. I’m upright going to do it. I eminent my son and I am going to seize heed of this baby too.” We indeed did not own an reply for her poor melting reply, we upright needed to as her where she was and impel on. One of the things that thunderstruck me most environing Paula was that she had a immense force to taunt mass encircling her. Nurses, teachers, political performanceers: we all wanted to succor her equefficacious when she ripe to propel us abroad. The Cortez Origin David Cortez: senior, 46 Paula Cortez: dame, 43 Miguel Cortez: son, 20  24     SESSIONS: CASE HISTORIES • THE CORTEZ FAMILY While Paula was in the hospital keep-apart, we were efficacious to colloquy environing the baby’s heed and permanency artfulnessning. Through these argueions, Paula’s political detachment became past and past conspicuous. Paula had not told her parents in Colombia that she was having a baby. She feared their denial and she normal, “I can’t await to incline my dame’s negativity.” Miguel and David were cognizant of the pregnancy, but they each had their own lives. David was remarried delay offspring, and Miguel was afloat and in teach full-time. The subject of burdening him delay her needs was triton Paula would not cogitate. There was no one else in Paula’s vitality. Therefore, we were hardened to observe at options outlaterality of Paula’s poor political network. Behind a month in the hospital, Paula went residence delay a surgical boot, instructions to proviso manner influence on her pedestal, and a roll of referrals from me. Paula and I acquiesced to repress in total other day by telephone. My plan was to warner how she was reaching, as courteous-mannered-behaved-behaved as her journey delay the referrals I had loving her. I too wanted to get her delay living and expectation that she was not getting from anywhere else. On reordinary occasions, I hung up the phone frustrated delay Paula owing of her delay and failure of follow-through. But ultimately she adequated what she needed to   for the baby’s likelihood. Paula successfully applied for WIC, the federal Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women,   Infants, and Children, and was too efficacious to ensure a steal and other baby essentials.  Paula delivered a bloomy baby lass. The baby was born HIV privative and accepted the mismisalienate HAART tenor behind lineage. The baby spent a week in the neonatal intensive heed keep-apart, as she had to detox from the effects of the aversion medication Paula took throughout her pregnancy. Loving Paula’s low pay, bloom, and Medicaid awaiting, Paula was efficacious to direct for and interest 24/7 in-residence slip heed protection through New York’s gregarious protection program. Depending on Paula’s bloom and her need for succor, this ordainment can be mitigated as reputed misappropriate. Miguel did seize a sever in caring for his half sister, but his protection was poor. Ultimately, Paula adequated the mismisalienate permanency artfulnessning paperperformance delay the protection of the form The Origin Center. She designated Miguel the baby’s warder should triton occur to her.  

This week your hypothetical orientation is feminist theory.  You conciliate use the similar contingency examine that you chose in Week 2. Use the  "Dissecting a Scheme and Its Application to a Contingency Study” performancesheet to  succor you anatomize the scheme. You do not need to resign this influenceout. It  is a hireling for you to use to anatomize the scheme and then you can inure  the educateation in the tefficacious to adequate your assignment. 

Submit  discussing the client from the perspective of feminist theory

Your  presentation should apprehend the following:

  • In 1 to 2 sentences, confirm and represent the height to be performanceed on in your selected contingency examine. 
  • In 1 to 2 sentences, illustrate how feminist theory you are utilizing defines and illustrates the account of the height.
  • In 1 to 2 sentences, use feminist theory to represent the role of the political performanceer to dispose exexchange in the contingency examine.
  • In the impost face, confirm 2 impost questions  you conciliate ask to study what the client’s goals are and how they conciliate  get there. 
    • Remember, feminist theory should be driving the impost.
  • Describe two interventions to oration the height and illustrate how the clients conciliate utensil the interventions.
    • Remember, feminist  theory should be driving the interventions.
  • In 2 to 3 sentences, argue how you would evaluate if one of the interventions you signed is cogent delay the client.
  • Explain how, specifically, you conciliate set the character  throughout your performance delay the client to weaken the clerical  correlativeness and perform it past collaborative.
  • Evaluate one power and one provisoation of feminist theory in afloat delay the client.


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This week, tend the “Feminist Therapy” member by clicking the applicefficacious associate beneath the “Chapters” tab.


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