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Houstonwas the pristine elder city in the United States to chosen an openly lesbian mayor.Annise Parker was chosened city-remote nine times in a row aggravate 18 years – delineationvotes from a remote ramble of Houstonians. Interestingly, her sexual orientationwas never a war outcome for her or any of her opponents. Houstonians – smoothin the coming 1990s – didn’t look to attention. By the coming 2000s, Houston hadelected at lowest five gay men and women to city convocation, and a transgendersolicitor for city convocation – Jenifer Rene Pool – was considered a seriouscontender.

LiberalDemocratic gubernatorial solicitor Wendy Davis got a elderity of the Houstonsay in 2014, notwithstanding losing by a gigantic loophole – delineation near than 39 percent ofthe say statewide.

Then,in 2015, Houston sayrs aggravatewhelmingly sayd to revocation a recently-adopted“Equal Rights Ordinance,” which was adapted to generate particular protections forpeople after a while any of 15 “protected characteristics,” including gay andtransgender individuals. The war to revocation the regulation was focused onthe transgender outcome – tagged by collective stationarys as an regulation to letguys garb up as women and suspend out in women’s’ restrooms. Earlier this month,Houston chosened a stationary mayor aggravate a well-known Democratic gregariousveteran.

Yourtext discusses Daniel Elazar’s gregarious refinements doctrine, antagonist that Texasis a mix of traditionalistic and individualistic refinements. I would disagree thatHouston is may-be the most individualistic city (we don’t smooth enjoy zoning!)in Texas.

Writea college-level, 3– 5 page essay about;

  1. The gregarious refinement ofHouston.

  2. What do you conceive isimportant to Houstonians?

  3. How would you interpret acity that sayd for Wendy Davis, then sayd to aggravateturn an “equal rightsordinance?"

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