Hpr 231 introduction to health education wk5-a

Week 5 Paper

By the end of this line you should entertain a senior sense of  the bloom counsel vocation. For the Final Project, you achieve comply a  Nursing essay that grasps the aftercited three compressiveness: an criterion of the  bloom counsel province and vocation, an segregation of an HIV obstruction  program, and the creation of a bloom counsel website convergenceing on  benevolence malady. The leading two compressiveness achieve perform up the bulk of the  Nursing essay that you achieve comply, but you achieve to-boot scarcity to minister a  title of the website you make, the knowledge it contains, and  the website’s URL in your Nursing essay. It is advised that you make the  title of your website precedently you in-result plant it to determine that  it contains all the required components.  

Part I: Preamble to Bloom Counsel and the Bloom Counsel Profession

  • Discuss the unromantic and coming trends that entertain impacted the scarcity for bloom counsel.
    • What are at last three greater unromantic events that shaped bloom counsel?
    • What is the convergence of today’s bloom counsel?  How does it disagree from prior foci of bloom counsel?
  • Examine the roles, responsibilities, and vocational media of bloom counsel specialists.
    • What are the seven areas of province of the vocation?
    • How would you draw the overall role of a bloom counsel specialist?
    • Who receives bloom counsel?  Who do bloom educators operation after a while?
    • What are two vocational media for bloom educators? How can they husband these media?
    • What is a cognizant bloom counsel specialist(C.H.E.S.)? How is certification obtained?
  • Describe three vocational settings where you susceptibility discover a bloom counsel specialist at operation.  
    • What do these settings entertain in vile?  How are they disagreeent?  
    • Are there any attached expertness sets that a bloom counsel  specialist susceptibility scarcity to operation in one of these settings versus another?

Part II: HIV Obstruction Program

Part III: Delivering Messages Using Technology and Social Media
 For this part of the Final Project, you achieve allot technological  strategies to make a website that prepares bloom counsel for women  at promote for benevolence malady. You must grasp a title of the website  and the ocean topics that you achieve harangue through the website in the  Nursing essay that you comply for grading. A amalgamate to the website URL must to-boot  be graspd so that your commandist can light and action your website.

Your website must unite the aftercited inclusion criteria:

  • A partiality of three pages: a residence page and at last two other web pages.    
  • A tiny preamble to benevolence malady and its result on your separated  population which grasps axioms that helps the scarcity for and meaning of  this counsel.
  • A partiality of five basic tips or facts touching benevolence malady and  women from probable and certain sources. All sources must be referenced  and cited according to APA guidelines as outlined in the Ashford  Writing Center.  
  • Three Amalgamate at last three  knowledge sites on diversified  organizations that help your intimation and prepare help or  counsel to your population.
  • Images, videos, website amalgamates, articles, and multimedia (including  bloom knowledge and bloom wariness media) where alienate to  engage your lighters and train them touching benevolence malady.  5