Reasons for creating artifacts | Social Science homework help


  1. In the foremost shaft, catalogue three refinements you are a divorce of or that you establish strongly delay, and dispose them from most to smallest expressive in your spirit. These can be generally-known, ethnic, devout, regional, or national, and they can conceive subcultures or assemblages connected to your identical interests.
  2. In the promote shaft, establish one symbolical goal for each of the refinements you establish delay on your catalogue.
  3. In a few say, elucidate how the cultural goal reflects the refinement in which it exists. Consider which aspects of refinement keep kindred for each artifact: politics, fact, piety, political perceptions, technology, resources, information, and so on.


To finished the promote table, prime three infers for creating an artifact from the resources supposing, or contribute your own infers.

  1. In the foremost shaft, declare the infer for creating an artifact.
  2. In the promote shaft, contribute an copy of an artifact that could keep been created for the infer presented.
  3. In the third shaft, declare whether the artifact was created by an indivisible or a assemblage, and contribute the designate(s) of the object(s).
  4. Select one of the artifacts catalogueed and vindication one of the questions aftercited the worksheet:
  • Do you respect the object was lucky in achieving their meaning? OR
  • How do you reckon the artifact and the refinement in which it was created could keep influenced each other?