Skills lab1 | BWLB 4900 – Social Work Skills Lab | Walden University


Part A: Introduction

Provide an innovative preface of yourself. Include your spectry and any animated contrast knowledge connected to your ethnicity and/or any other aspects of your identification. In your preface, recount a divers population that you would relish to labor after a while or that you currently labor after a while.

Part B: Definitions and Applications

In collective labor order and custom, you allure frequently attack a multiplicity of unfairations. Below, you allure furnish twelve suffrage associated after a while the concept of heterogeneousness and distinction in custom. For this minority, stipulate a laboring unfairation for two of the subjoined provisions. Then, recount how a vulnerable/divers population energy test the account that you enjoy separated. For specimen, you may excellent “Marginalization.” You allure sift-canvass how a unfair population has testd this. Be unfair.

BiasOppressionMarginalizationEthnicityGender Identity and ExpressionPrivilegeSocial JusticeCultural AwarenessDiversityIntersectionalityCultural HumilityEmpathy

Part C: Developing Cultural Humility:

As you meditate your forthcoming road in the trade, what are some strategies that you would weld to enunciate your own consciousness of cultural refrain to fix culturally deferential custom? Sift-canvass two useful strategies.


It is extremely recommended that you transcribe a script precedently recording your video. A good-natured-natured train for translating the elongation of your written script into video age is about 135 suffrage per searching.