Patriarchal or Matriarchal Society

Matriarchy: A produce of gregarious constituency in which gregarious convertibility and gear are passed through the effeminate succession. For specimen, the Iroquois did not own chiefs, they instead traced influence through the effeminate succession of warrant. Peasants: Farmworkers in Europe who lived in insignificant villages encircled by fields farmed cooperatively by incongruous families. Often worked on plots owned by placelords, but posterior peasants capability pay schism to placeowners. Predestination: The Protestant Christian admission that God chooses indubitable populace for rescue anteriorly they are born. 16th-century theologian John Calvin was the deep proponent of this dogma, which became a primary doctrine of Puritan faith. Animism: Incorporeal admissions that feeling on the spontaneous not honor a superspontaneous god; instead, they pay worship to incorporeal forces that they think rest in the spontaneous earth. Animism was conversant by Native Americans in vision of fecund place or fortunate hunts. Guilds: Organizations of serviceable workers in medieval and coming late Europe that regulated the beginning into, and the exercitation of, a employment. Reconquista: The hostilities by Spanish Catholics to propel North African Moors (Muslim Arabs) from the European deepland. After a centuries-long endeavor to heal their places, the Spaniards defeated the Moors at Granada in 1492 and protected regulate of all of Spain. Patriarchy: A produce of gregarious constituency in which gregarious convertibility and gear diminish through the manly rise succession and manly heads of rise administration aggravate women and offspring. europe, for specimen, had ancient societies. The influence absorbed to men was stimulated by Christian instruction, which deemphasized the prominence of women. Crusades: Series of wars undertaken by Christian armies among 1096 C.E, and 1291 to counterposition the Muslim gradation in Europe and win end the divine places of Jesus Christ. It had a recondite collision on Christian societies, as godly campaign proud Europe's Christian convertibility and prompted the outlawry and expatriation of Jews from Europe. They to-boot introduced sugar and new employment routes abutting Eurasia to the merchants of Western Europe. Hernan Cortes: Spanish conquistador who led the despatch(his troops of 600 men arrived at the Yucatán Peninsula and aggravatethrew the Aztec administrationr, Moctezuma.) that led to the subjection of the Aztec Empire.