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South and the Northern Antebellum Social-Economic-Model

The similarities and differences between the South and the Northern Antebellum Social-Economic Model provide answers on the causes of civil war in the United States. Prior to civil war, United States had two forms of societies, which the historians classify as north and south. The South was characterized by farmers whose source of labor was slaves, whereas, the North contracted workers and paid wages. This essay seeks to discuss the convergence and divergence of the two social-economic models in terms of social structure, political power, and the economic activity.

Social structures. The two regions were different in many ways. The fragmentation of the society in the south was majorly whites. They were the principal owners of land and the slaves, who were the blacks. However, among the whites, there were the class of landowners and the majority poor peasants. Only a few were privileged to own land, majority were agricultural renters, artisans, and town traders.  It was impossible for a slave to become a land owner. The blacks were condemned to be slaves, and only a few were lucky to be artisans. A white could not become a slave. The blacks made up a third of the south population.

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