St 201-Velvetleaf Is A Particularly Annoying Weed In Corn Fields

Use this information to solve the next 6 questions. Velvetleaf is a particularly annoying weed in corn fields. It produces lots of seeds, and the seeds wait in the soil for years until conditions are right. The velvetleaf seed beetle feeds on the seeds and might be a natural weed control. Here are the percent of seeds infected for 14 randomly selected velvetleaf plants: Percent Infected5. 25. 56. 15. 72. 30. 50. 75. 14. 79. 38. 17. 36. 65. 2For the beetle to be successful at Velvetleaf weed control, they need to infect more than 5. 0% of the seeds on average. STATE: Is there evidence the average percent of Velvetleaf seeds infected by the beetle is greater than 5. 0%? SOLVE: Calculate the sample standard deviation,s.

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