Stat 200-A Personal Trainer Is Putting Together A Weight-Lifting

A personal trainer is putting together a weight-lifting program for her clients. For a 90-day program, she expects each client to lift a specific maximum weight each week. As she goes along, she records the actual maximum weights her clients lifted. She wants to know how well her expectations met with what was observed. Use the following information to answer the next five exercises: A teacher predicts that the distribution of grades on the final exam will be and they are recorded inGradeProportionA0. 25B0. 30C0. 35D0. 10GradeFrequencyA7B7C5D19. ______10. State the null and alternative hypotheses. 11. ?2 test statistic = ______12. p-value = ______13. At the 5% significance level, what can you conclude?