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Suppose you are concerned about a particular task that was performed quarterly by a pair of electricians. You already have a JHA for the task. It has 03 steps, beginning with assembling the equipment they will need and obtaining a permit for a lockout/tagout procedure, and ending with putting away the equipment they used. Answer the following questions:

a. refer to table 1.1 in the course textbook (p. 5). What system levels would you include in your project?

b?. For your system description, consider the components in Figure 5.1 (p. 51). List the components and indicate briefly what, if anything, involving each component would be useful to include.

c. How would you describe the scope of your risk assessment project?

application/pdf icontable_5.1_risk_assesment_proccess.pdf
application/pdf icontable_1.1_examples_of_system_at_different_complexity_levles.p