Suppose You Wanted To Evaluate The Performance

1. suppose you wanted to evaluate the performance of the three judges in Houston, Tx: Judge Adams, Judge Brown, and Judge Carter. Over a three year period in Houston, Tx, Judge Adams saw 26% of the cases, judge Brown saw 35%, and Judge Carter saw the reminder of the cases. 3% of Judge Adam’s cases were appealed, 7% of judge Brown’s cases were appealed, and 9% of judge carters cases were appealed. Given a case from this three year period was not appealed what is the probability the judge in the case was not judge Adams?2. Of 40 bank accounts at small bank, 29 accounts have values of less than $1000 and the rest have values of at least $1000. Suppose 6 accounts are randomly sampled. What is the probability that exactly 5 of the 6 accounts have values of at least $1000?3. ABC Manufacturing has a policy that it will reject a shipment of parts from its supplier if inspectors find any defective parts in a random sample of 5 parts from the shipment. The supplier has been in business many years and has a long-term defective rate for parts of 7. 7%. What is the probability that a shipment will be rejected after a given sample of parts is checked?

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