The aim of the term paper is to provide

Principles of Electronic Materials ProcessingMSE 122Term Paper Topics: The aim of the term paper is to provide you with an opportunity to study some aspect ofelectronic materials growth or processing in greater detail. You may choose your own topic(with approval) and I have also listed several topics below which – if I had the time – I wouldlike to learn more about. The format of the paper is given below: Each student will hand in a unique term paper. Since this is a processing course, the paper will focus on processing issues. Some pointsto consider include: i)What are the applications of your topic?ii) How does this process / technique / etc. improve on what had been done in the past?iii) What are the key technological issues behind the technique?iv) What are the future directions in this area?The paper should be 10 pages in length (excluding figures) and can be 1½ – 2 line spacing and 12pt. font (Times Roman or equivalent). Make certain that you properly reference sources forinformation and for figures that you use. All papers will be sent through ‘turnitin’. TOPICS: GrapheneSolar cellsIII-V high efficiencyCIGSThin film (CdTe)3-d integrationChemical-mechanical polishing (CMP) [for applications other than bare substrates]SiGe epitaxial growth processesStrained siliconProcessing of high k dielectricsFINFET processingGrowth of semiconductor nanowiresShallow junction formation by ion implantationWafer Bonding methods and SOISiC or GaN bulk growthFor other ideas, try http: //www. electroiq. com/semiconductors. html

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