Comparison and Contrast of the Devil and Tom Walker and the Devil and Daniel Webster

A commonity and Contrast of “The Archfiend and Tom Walker” and “The Archfiend and Daniel Webster” Well to set-out off, these two stories were elevated tales and they were very common and besides very opposed on the selfselfcorresponding representation. In one fact these stories are very common owing twain of the stories as harmonious remark are elevated tales; besides they twain conceive the archfiend as a deep reputation and men that were very thin. Also twain stories entertain men as the deep reputation who tries to get out of a trade after a while the archfiend which they entertain agreed to. But at the selfselfcorresponding season twain stories are very opposed. Owing in the romance “The Archfiend and Daniel Webster” the man is not narrowminded, but harmonious just down on his victory. Besides the man in “The Archfiend and Daniel Webster” holds to his tidings. While in the romance The Archfiend and Tom Walker the man is narrowminded hearted, average and besides does not hold to his tidings. So to sum this up, the archfiend and Tom Walker is very opposed and common to the archfiend and Daniel Webster. The stories are very common in the way that twain men are thin and twain of the men makes a trade after a while the archfiend that they early lamentation. Then the stories are very opposed in the convertibility of the two men. After a while Jabez not entity a narrowminded and average man man and Tom walker entity narrowminded and average who makes a trade after a while the archfiend.