The Embers Of War – Logevall Fredrick Makes Clear Argument

write a 5-6 page “Critical Review Essay” of “The Embers of War” and is informed MOSTLY by that book. You may use some of the earlier readings and my article on Vietnam to help write this paper, but the review of the THIS particular book. Make absolutely certain that you clearly identify Logevall’s argument. Once identified, please create a thesis that makes YOUR argument re: the book. This can look a lot like: “In this paper, I argue. . . ” OR “This paper argues. . . ” You are making a critical argument about the book. You may go after its logic, its use of evidence, bias, over-generalization, or any other pieced together argument you feel you can make. You don’t have to be PERFECTLY CORRECT, but you must be VERY WELL INFORMED BY THE BOOK. You want to make your argument early in the paper (first page) and then use the remaining 4-5 pages to SUPPORT your argument. Like:This paper argues that while the author is convincing on what he sees as a cause of the war, he omits some other essential causal variable that might really help to better explain this event. These would include variables A, B, and C. This paper will lay out how the argument would be more complete if he included these idea. Not perfect, but I am giving you the structure and the idea.

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