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The problem and the present influences

There were two issues in the organization communication system. The organization had a weak information management system. The company ability to manage information was crucial. Information and knowledge management in an organization determines its capacity in handling its mandate and productivity. Management of knowledge and strategies enables the organization to study their past performance and challenges to avoid future mistakes. Moreover, communication ethics was a concern to the organization. Ethical communication allows balanced and efficient communication. Ethical communication ensures that there is the truth, honesty, and accuracy of the information. The organization did not allow divergent views and freedom of expression. Poor information and knowledge management are the major factors contributed to the problem. Also to that, the organization culture had put aside, communication ethics and misused informal communication channels mainly social media to communicate and express their ideas to their audience. The use of social media had to a larger extent influenced how the staffs perceive certain issues, especially the official communication. The problem can be addressed adequately by involving all stakeholders in the organization to some extent (Shockley-Zalabak, 2015).

The necessary skills

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