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The Prophets in Islam

Part 1

True Islam believes in the Holy Quran, which recognizes prophets that were before Muhammad as God’s messengers to the people. There is no distinction among the prophets (Quran 2:136, 285, and 3:84). The prophets were completely human, except for Issa who was conceived in extraordinary way and did not die but risen to heaven by God. They received information from God and communicate to believers. Every time in the history of the world, there was a messenger for a particular time and would die after accomplishing the purpose. Scriptures concerning prophets were revealed to prophets in their original form as God promised that message in the Quran will not be changed. The prophets and their followers are referred as Muslims and have a duty to believe in the scripture and respect the prophets. All messengers were in full submission to God and taught their followers the same. The Quran has mentioned just a few prophets, but there were prophets in all nations (Quran 10:47, 4:164). They all provided the same basic teaching and set a personal example of worshiping God and bringing justice to the fellow human beings. These instructions were documented in the Holy Quran in the original form. Prophets are massagers sent by God in all parts of the world; therefore, people should respect them because the message originates from the pure source. The messengers were raised to spread good news and ward the people (Quran 2:213

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