The pursuit of economic program progress and security

The pursuit of economic program progress and security (urban econimics course)

The Great Recession has put cities in economic peril and state officials in political turmoil. The governor of New York State believes that the strength of the state’s economy lies in the vitality of its metropolitan areas. However, the governor knows little about the elements of what would make for an economically sound city, metropolitan or urbanized area.

The governor needs to create a strategic economic development plan to create jobs, gain a competitive advantage over other states, and reverse the current negative political environment. The governor has hired you as his economic consultant. Your task is to write a research paper designed to educate the governor on issues related to developing a sound urban economic consultant. It is essential that you focus on the market forces that define the system of cities that would create a regional competitive advantage.

The governor would like you to

1. Explain how an economist builds the foundation for their thinking about urban economics and please give a couple of examples
2. Explain and discuss the economic principles behind the development of a city.
3. Discuss some of the critical urban economic issues of today.
4. Discuss some of the economic rationales behind business location and the system of cities in New York, their benefits and pitfalls
I need 5 pages essay (double- spaced) MLA style citation

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