There Are A Number Of Funding Sources Utilized To Support Social Welfare Programs.

1. There are a number of funding sources utilized to support social welfare programs. Choose one and discuss it in detail. 2. What do you see as some of the issues surrounding the various forms of taxation when we look at funding social welfare programs?3. How do you feel about this inequity issue– is it fair for some states to contribute more in taxes but receive less federal funding in the form of appropriations back to the state?4. As an administrator of a program that relies on private funding sources, how do you feel this might impact the decisions you make regarding the program? Is there anything you can do to promote stability in the program from year to year? What do you think?5. Describe how taxes are used to fund social insurance programs?6. Your text says: “It is generally recognized that no tax plan can at once be perfectly fair, utterly simple and economically neutral. ” What do you think the authors meant by that in relation to funding social insurance programs?7. One of the reasons the federal government has stopped head starts from raising funds is due theft and lack of accountability. How would you track the funds raised from these non traditional activities?8. When it comes to mingling with the population to actually see those raising funds actually make those they are helping part of the activity. How would you make those participating as well as the population feel comfortable with this?9. It is difficult to find people to donate products and even time. There are letters that have to be written and at times location organizations that provide products to support program can also be difficult. How would you encourage volunteerism within your agency?

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