There are many factors outside of a business that impact the success of a company. Identifying them is important to making decisions during the planning function of man


In an attempt to address the legal and ethical ramifications associated with diversity or lack of diversity, many organizations develop minority programs and require employee training. Most accrediting bodies require organizations demonstrate cultural awareness. In response many organizations have implemented cultural diversity or cultural competency training that is often an annual requirement for all staff. In addition, organizations promote minority programs to include, race, ethnicity and sexual orientation. As an example, my organization participates in an annual review of our efforts to implement policies and practices that meet the needs of the Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual, and Transgender population. To date we have developed training for staff, converted bathrooms for unisex designation, and formed a committee to continue to monitor our services to ensure that we are ethical and fair. This is significantly important in our hiring practices.

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