Training Evaluation

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MGT-445-2947-Corporate Training & Devel.-06/2016
Assignment : Week 7 – Training Evaluation
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Due Date : Sat, Jul 23, 2016 11:55 PM MST
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Complete an evaluation plan of approximately 750 words for the training you developed in week 4 of this course. Your evaluation plan should include an explanation of how you will evaluate your training or learning intervention to measure its effectiveness. For example, you may discuss the measures you will use (e.g., test, survey, skill demonstration), and what sources you will collect data from (e.g., self-report, independent rater, supervisor). Provide a copy of each proposed measure.
Format your paper using the West Writing Style Handbook guidelines.
Include a minimum of two sources, which may consist of readings from the University Library, your text, and other selections.
Submit your work as a Microsoft Word document.