SOLUTION: Baby Toddler Database Management and Normalization Project

Normalization for the Baby toddler categories Baby Toddler Baby_To_No Brand Product_Type Year_Made Price Color Product_Rating Size Figure 1 Supertype Subtype relationship Baby Toddler: 1NF Baby_To_No Brand Product_Type Year_Made Price ## Selected_Brand Toddler_Type Year Price Color Product_Rating Size Color_Selected _Rating Sizes 2NF- Functional Dependency Diagram Figure 2 Second Normal (2NF) 3NF Figure 3 Third Normal Form (3NF) EERD for the Baby toddler categories Baby Toddler Baby_To_No Brand Product_Type Year_Made Price Color Product_Rating Size Strollers BS_Strollers_Name BS_Color BS_Description BS_Warranty BS_Assembled_country BS_Component_Country BS_Assembled_Size BS_Rating Baby Furniture Décor BF_Strollers_Name BF_Color BF_Description BF_Policies_Plan BF_Warranty BF_Component_County BF_Assembled_Size BF_Rating Baby Bedding BB_Item_Name BB_Color BB_Description BB_Policies_Plan BB_Warranty BB_ Component_Country BB_Assembled_Size BB_Rating Baby Activities Toys BA_Item_Name BA_Manufacturer_Info BA_Description BA_Policies_Plans BA_Warranty BA_Component_CCountry BA_Assembled_Size BA_Rating Diapering Potty Training DPT_Item_Name DPT_Manufacturer_Info DPT_Description DPT_Policies_Plan DPT_Warranty DPT_Component_Country DPT_Assembled_Size DPT_Rating DPT_Benefit Supertype/Subtype Relationship 1.) Make all changes and/or amendions to Phase II as implied, and involve those accommodation that were implied as imperfect or privation in Phase II. THIS ALSO INCLUDES making Phase I amendions that were quiescent not amend in Phase II. ----------------------------------------------------------------------2.) Each team consists of 6 members. You were antecedent to career delay 3 of you would act the Oracle SQL (or MySQL) employment and which 3 of you would act MS Access employment. Having careerd these “sub-teams”: SQL Team and MS Access Team, you are to each create databases and inputting these delay explicit grounds in twain MS Access and ORACLE SQL. Use these groundsbases created to act a conrace of Single-Table & Multiple Table queries of team’s gathering. Provide printouts of all of the groundsbases that you possess created including grounds format specifications, and occupied delay explicit grounds, and arrange printouts of all queries that you possess acted. Please see handouts of designs of preceding years as well-behaved-behaved as those posted in Blackboard Learn. SQL Team is to arrange printouts of CREATE TABLE, Select * from, DESCRIBE, etc. SUBSTANTIVE EQUAL AMOUNTS OF MS ACCESS & ORACLE SQL NEED TO BE COMPLETED FOR PHASE III (Look at preceding year’s designs handed out & on Blackboard !) ----------------------------------------------------------------------3.) A inferential argument of the applications of delayed groundsbase techniques to the groundsbase that your team selected. Phase II involved that for Chapters 9 (Data Warehousing) & Chapter 13-Online (Distributed Databases). Expand this to to-boot involve that to-boot for: the applications of Chapters 7 (Databases in Application), 10 (Big Grounds Technologies), 11 (Analytics and its Implications) and Chapter 12 (Data and Database Administration delay Focus on Grounds Quality) to your team design. NOTE that NOT ALL of these topics may plain be useful to the groundsbase that your team selected!!! Hence dissect of this design is for your team to detail which of these techniques discussed in the race are useful to your groundsbase selected. ----------------------------------------------------------------------4.) Arrange a write-up of the "Summary and Conclusions" exception of your signal team design. ----------------------------------------------------------------------5.) Arrange a TABLE OF THE DIVISION OF LABOR as to who did what dissects of Phase III. That is, denote who employmented on which Normalization figures, EER diagram, and MS Access and ORACLE SQL computer employment, etc. Each team needs to arrange a TABLE OF THE DIVISION OF LABOR as to who did what dissects of Phase III that illustrates an “Equitable Distribution of Labor”. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ...
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