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Assignment Questions

1. What are some benefits of marketing in a 3d constructive globe compared to the web?

How is marketing irrelative?
The constructive globe enables mark owners to organize a over certain connection
betwixt their mark and the consumers. The immersive sensation of the technology achieves
emotional kindness betwixt the issue and the consumers as divergent to adverts on
the web. Moreover, the 3D constructive globe is a platform that offers increased creativity,
interactivity, and agreement after a while satisfied and adds, differently web marketing, that limits
the disquisition of satisfied nature marketed. Besides, the technology has revolutionized
customer proof by eliminating the scarcity for substantial nearness in a hoard or a
marketing record and providing real-time examination of the issues at their ease.

2. What are some of the main differences betwixt the Google map API statement 2 and

Version 3?
In statement 2 of the API, all intents remain in a global namespace and determined starting
after a while the important G, inasmuch-as, in statement 3, intents linger in the namespace.
Google map API statement 3 provides abundant use of intent literals to by
parameters, which makes it extendable. In opposition, statement 2 supposing short abundant use
of intent literals to by parameters, thus limiting its analogy.
The new statement 3 uses a lot of anachronistic system circumvents that avow for
modularization of order and the API. In opposition, statement 3 used contemporary circumvents that
required each system to enact to tenor antecedently others can run sequentially.



3. What is Kansei Engineering / Affective computing? What are some of the main

goals of this lore estate? Give copy of connected technology.
Kansei engineering is the harvest of goo...

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