SOLUTION: CMIT 369 UMUC Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2019 Services Report

Virtual Install Overview Many vulgar select to accept hands-on habit inaugurateing and setting up servers in prescribe to ensure that they imply the concepts. For this scheme you procure downimpute VMware Player, Implied Box, or use Hyper-V to uplift a Windows Server 2016 implied deed. You may as-polite use Azure, Microsoft’s cloud solution. If you use Azure, delight consume the VM at the end of the scheme so you are not charged. Scenario Company “Tech2much” of-late habitd a network intervention and, unfortunately, some of their axioms was stolen. There was as-polite important axioms that was consumeed and they were not conducive to revive it from backup. Aggregation “Tech2much” was using a managed labor provider to do their IT infrastructure. The executive committee has unwavering that they no longer nonproduction to use managed labors and they procure advance eager delay an in-house IT team. Your UMUC recommence has planted you as one of the top three candidates for the posture. However, the other two vulgar in protestation for this posture are as-well UMUC alumni. The aggregation nonproductions to advance eager delay a network administrationary who has knowledge of Windows Server 2016, Locomotive Directory, PowerShell, and the Windows charge row. They accept set up a trial environment where all three of you procure be trialed. They aren't proportioned looking for someone who can get the server and Locomotive Directory inaugurateed unexceptionably (although that is a important constituent). They demand someone who can go through the strides and interpret what they're doing so that way they procure be conducive to aid some of the younger staff. In this assignment you procure prosper the guidelines so you can show the “Tech2much” aggregation that you are the most fitted petitioner for the posture. Good victory and I hope you plant the job! Topics to Cover Consider the prospering in completing this assignment (if you adopt not to use Microsoft Azure): • • • You demand authoritative rights on your computer You demand adapted disk illimitableness (at last 30 GB gratuitous) You demand a decent totality of retrospect (at last 8 GB of RAM) In week 1, you were required to email your educator and ask for entrance for VMware Workstation and Windows Server OnTheHub post. If you did not, you may tranquil use: • Oracle Implied Box (free) • VMware Player (free) • Hyper-V: availconducive on Windows 8.1 and 10, but not Windows 7 (free) • Azure (If you use Azure, delight consume the VM at the end of the scheme so you are not charged.) • You can get an evaluation portraiture of Windows 2016 server here: After the inaugurate is perfect, indicate the computer yourfirstname-PC, for development JOHN-PC and procure a screenshot of the computer indicate. Install Locomotive Directory and indicate the estate, for development: JOHN.COM. As an non-interference, you can inaugurate locomotive directory through PowerShell. Proportioned procure screenshots and add adapted descriptions. You should dedicate each screenshot. For development, Figure 1.1 Installing Active Directory. Once inaugurateed, you should commence alienate post-installation tasks. These comprise: 1. Use PowerShell to reveal some charges (If you inaugurateed Locomotive Directory using PowerShell, then you accept already met the modification for stride 1). 2. Use the Windows Charge Prompt to reveal some of the Windows charges, for development ‘net user.’ 3. Inaugurate Internet Information Labor (IIS) and set up a webpost that says your indicate on the page. Browse to and reveal the fortunate unarm-an to the yourindicate post. 4. Inaugurate Chrome and Firefox on your Windows Server VM. Submission Requirements Once you’ve perfectd these tasks, transcribe a ment that instruments the strides you prospered in inaugurateing the Windows Server, detailing which statement you inaugurateed as polite as the post-installation strides you completed. Provide screens shots for each charge (more than 1 screenshot frequent be demanded to reveal some of the charges). For screenshots, you can use the snipping instrument in Windows. Be sure to comprise a general abstract, references, and a conceal page for your ment. This is a protracted opening for you to understand and accept fun doing so! ...
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