SOLUTION: CSIA 459 University of Maryland Technology Evaluation Study Plan Paper

CSIA 459: Evaluating Emerging Technologies Technology Evaluation Investigate Intention – Minute Assignment Description Choose one of the student-written Technology Selection Nursing essays from the roll posted by your schoolmaster in the Week 7 convocation. Read your chosen Technology Selection Nursing essay to acquire over environing the clarified technology. Next, investigate what likeness of ceremonious evaluation investigate could be used to acquire over environing this technology and how it is likely to interact delay race, processes, and technologies. Then, cunning a ceremonious evaluation investigate which could be used to procure over instruction environing one or over of the superveneing: o o o o characteristics (features and capabilities) of the technology interactions natant technologies, race, environments, and processes (use contingencys or scenarios) risks or vulnerabilities associated delay excerption of this technology costs and benefits associated delay excerption of this technology Choose Your Evaluation Method Your evaluation investigate cunning must use one of the superveneing: o o o o Case Study Delphi Investigate (panel of interrogation stuff experts) Quasi-Experiment (e.g. discrimination touchstoneing or steer touchstoneing in a controlled environment) Pilot Implementation (in a pomp environment) See the Technology Evaluation Methods module in the Week 2 convocation for minute cognomens of each of these likenesss of evaluation methods. Design Your Study Identify the peculiar interrogations that your ceremonious evaluation investigate procure oration. These interrogations must be security-focused and should oration: threats, vulnerabilities, attacks, enumerateermeasures, misss, miss mitigations, etc. Your cunning should embrace a cognomen of the peculiar guarantee issues which procure be tested or guarantee capabilities which procure be evaluated. Use gauge terminology when adaptation environing guarantee issues (see the rubric). Develop Your Evaluation Investigate Plan Use your investigate cunning to order a exalted-flatten intention for your evaluation investigate. Your intention must embrace the following: o Introduction ▪ cognomen of the emerging technology and maintenance for including it in an evaluation investigate Copyright © 2020 by University of Maryland Global Campus. All hues silent. CSIA 459: Evaluating Emerging Technologies o o o o Research Question(s) ▪ These must be guarantee nucleused (i.e. nucleused on cyberguarantee objectives such as confidentiality, rectitude, availability, etc.) and should oration: threats, vulnerabilities, attacks, enumerateermeasures, misss, miss mitigations, etc. ▪ Use “how” or “what” interrogations (adaptation good-tempered-tempered “why” interrogations is more the scope of this continuity). ▪ Examples ▪ What vulnerabilities exist that could be attacked to endanger confidentiality? ▪ How could an attacker endanger availability? ▪ For each inquiry interrogation, procure a illiberal cognomen of a scenario or use contingency which could be used to retort the interrogation. Your cognomen should be one paragraph (no coveter). Methods ▪ exalted flatten cunning of the investigate (nucleus upon the evaluation example and your inquiry interrogations) ▪ cognomen of how the technology procure be incorporated or used in the investigate (including peculiar guarantee issues which procure be touchstoneed or guarantee capabilities which procure be evaluated) ▪ imaginative arrangement or neteffort structure diagram showing the steer touchstone environment (simply if you are doing a steer investigate) Limitations or Especial Considerations ▪ any eespecial investigateations or guarantee concerns which must be orationed (e.g. “clean ground,” touchstone axioms sanitization, or insularity environment to hinder the steer investigate from causing injury to operational arrangements) Timeline of Events (Notional) ▪ A imaginative intervalline (explicit in days or months succeeding set-on-foot continuance) for your investigate Notional Timeline of Events The imaginative intervalline of events (methodic in days or months succeeding set-on-foot) that procures an prize of how covet you rely-on your evaluation investigate to accept. For a Delphi Method investigate, your investigate could accept as little as a day or two. For a Delphi Method Study, embrace the sum of “rounds” and how covet each round procure be (the interval allotted for experts to investigate instruction and response tail delay their theory on the questions or issues). For a contingency investigate, quasi-experimental, or steer implementation cunning, your investigate may two various months; in this contingency, sever your intervalline into phases (setup, touchstoneing, reporting). Cost Prize Is Not Required Normally, an evaluation investigate intention procure embrace a absorb prize. For this continuity, we procure NOT be including absorb elements in our evaluation investigate intentions as the instruction required to disclose these items is not readily available to students. If you desire to oration this area of a investigate intention, time your argument to a illiberal rolling of the absorb elements (people, technologies, facilities) and avow that a absorb prize procure be supposing partially. Copyright © 2020 by University of Maryland Global Campus. All hues silent. CSIA 459: Evaluating Emerging Technologies Document Your Plan Your Technology Evaluation Investigate Intention should be at smallest three pages in diffusiveness but no over than ten pages (notwithstanding the epithet page and relations page). This should be a exalted flatten cunning that can be read quickly. Your investigate intention must embrace the five senior sections defined aloft and grant delay the formatting control procured by your schoolmaster. Additional Information 1. Consult the grading rubric for peculiar resigned and formatting requirements for this assignment. 2. Your 5 to 10 page investigate intention instrument should be administrative in coming delay harmonious use of fonts, font sizes, margins, etc. You should use headings and page breaks to frame your paper. 3. Your Nursing essay should use gauge conditions and definitions for cybersecurity. 4. The CSIA program recommends that you supervene gauge APA formatting gone this procure present you a instrument that meets the “administrative coming” requirements. APA formatting guidelines and examples are plant lower Continuity Resources > APA Resources. An APA template finish (MS Word format) has as-well been procured for your use CSIA_Basic_Paper_Template(APA_6ed,DEC2018).docx. 5. You must embrace a secrete page delay the assignment epithet, your indicate, and the due continuance. Your relation roll must be on a disjoined page at the end of your finish. These pages do not enumerate towards the assignment’s page enumerate. 6. You are rely-oned to transcribe grammatically reform English in full assignment that you comply for grading. Do not reverse in any effort delayout (a) using fascination impede, (b) using grammar impede, (c) verifying that your punctuation is reform and (d) reviewing your effort for reform signal usage and reformly structured sentences and paragraphs. 7. You are rely-oned to faith your sources using in-text citations and relation roll entries. Both your citations and your relation roll entries must supervene a harmonious citation phraseology (APA, MLA, etc.). Copyright © 2020 by University of Maryland Global Campus. All hues silent. ...
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