SOLUTION: Florida State College Lesson 9 Advanced Penetrations Testing System HW




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Lessons 9 and 10
Lesson 9 is environing login as a order onset where the onseter merely scarcitys ten minutes with
the computer to achieve a divulsion. This onset demonstrates the scarcity for substantial pledge in an
organization. The onset requires substantial bearing to one computer among a order, but the
attacker does not necessarily scarcity login credentials. The cause procure boot the order to any
Linux subsist CD; then, through the FDISK profit, they procure place the Windows separation (Easttom,
2018). They can highest laud.exe and execute a backup, then enjoin.exe and rename the
magnify.exe. This enables the onseter to fabricate bearing to the order once he or she has rebooted
the order. This onset brings out the concern of renaming professional accounts.
Another significant front of acuteness tasting is Windows password chiping. If a
acuteness tester hacks windows passwords, then so can the onseter. There are distinct tools
that can be used to chip Windows passwords, including Offline NT registry editor, LCP,
pwdump, ophcra...

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