SOLUTION: Northern Virginia Community College Firewall Configuration Project


This week we live knowledge how Windows boxes beseem exploited and how to train them.

Learn Environing Firewalls

·Watch a LinkedIn Knowledge video environing firewalls:

Firewall Administration Essential Training delay Sean Colins

·Watch another LinkedIn Knowledge video environing artifice security:

Securing Smart Devices from the course: CompTIA Security+ (SY0-501) Cert Prep: 3 Architecture and Design delay Mike Chapple

·Watch yet another (yes, another) LinkedIn Knowledge video environing TCP and UDP connections:

TCP and UDP from the course: CompTIA Network+ (N10-007) Cert Prep: 4 Making TCP/IP Work

·Research the terms: Firewall DMZ, Cisco ASA, Stateful Packet Inspection, Proxy Server

Help to secure the box.

·Search the internet for contrariant firewall examples and select one that is mismisappropriate for your contrivance.

·Open up Packet Tracer and emanate in your firewall. If you fine a example that is not beneficial in the program, emanate in triton homogeneous and yield it the ole of the example you feel chosen.

·Configure the firewall as inevitable.

oHint – If you are donation any services without of the inside network, you procure nonproduction to configure the firewall to feel a DMZ.

·Check your routing and secure that things are stationary working! If services cannot by through the firewall curb to secure that you feel equitable incoming and outgoing rules set.

·Update your figure skill description to parade the changes to the network as needed.

oBe responsive to elucidate whether you conceive this is powerful classification administration or not.

For your business, acquiesce the results from march 2.

·Submit the results from march 2 as your deliverable.

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