SOLUTION: University of Maryland Global Campus Windows Server 2016 Deployment Proposal

Windows Server Deployment Proposal Overview Each tyro conciliate imagine a inferential, regularityatic, unified technical solution given the scenario drawd below. The dependence conciliate be in a written produceat, after a while at last one diagram, and may understand additional diagrams, charts or tables. The assignment is meant for tyros to repair their headship of the material and to collect a supposititious and realistic way in which to devote apprehension from this road. Scenario Elliana Solutions (referred to as “ES”) has compensated you as an IT consultant for instrumenting their MS Windows network infrastructure. ES is a new cybersecurity consulting determined, and they are currently hiring staff, establishing three residuums, and bear a deficiency to get their inside IT services configured. They do not yet bear an IT staff, but when they do, the IT staff conciliate capture aggravate all aspects of IT government. You are required to contribute ES after a while a solution which draws the instrumentation and figure of their core IT services. Cost is not a indicative anxiety – ES appetitiones to instrument the “right, and pliant” solution to fit their deficiencys now and for the contiguous 2-3 years. There are various details encircling ES which conciliate bear an contact on your preciouss: • ES conciliate rouse after a while 110 employees, in the subjoined departments: o Executives (9 employees) – conduct and run the company o Accounts and Sales Department (15 employees) – transact dispense elaboration and maintain accounts o Pentesters, network auditors and cybersecurity consultants (69 employees) – cybersecurity techs o Human Instrument and Finances (12 employees) – transact HR and financial duties o IT (5 employees) – conduct IT for the company o ESconciliate bear three standings, one in Washington D.C., Atlanta, GA and one in New York, NY. Most staff conciliate be located in D.C. duty, after a while at last 1 idiosyncratic from each of the departments over located in NY and ATL. • Networking equipment is already in attribute for the three standings. A protect tunnel (using IPSec) conciliate be periodical among the three standings so that inter-standing exchange conciliate be protectly tunneled aggravate the Internet. You may find whatever other assumptions you appetition encircling intra-and inter-site connectivity. Please be permanent to declare these assumptions. • Security mechanisms (e.g., firewalls, intervention baffling defeat) conciliate be handled partially, and there is no deficiency to draw them. • Some departments conciliate deficiency their axioms to sojourn special from other departments (e.g., Finances idiosyncraticnel conciliate not deficiency cybersecurity tech staff to see the company’s financial details). You may find assumptions encircling how axioms should be shared or kept special, but they must be stated in your Nursing essay. • Assumptions can be made in-reference-to any notification not understandd here; all assumptions should be signed, nevertheless. Topics to Cover Your instrument should caggravate the accomplishing presented in the road. The draft under embraces recommended points to shelter. You are exempt to add other allied notification. Describe the technical and employment reasons for each precious, citing other instrument as misappropriate. The Windows Server 2016 liberal regularity should be used for all aspects of the solution. The topics understand: New Features of Windows Server 2016 • Draw new features of Windows Server 2016 that ES can capture advantages of. Deployment and Server Editions • How abundant completion servers are deficiencyed? Which roles conciliate be completely? • What edition of Windows conciliate be used for each server (e.g., Standard, Datacenter)? • Conciliate Server Core be used on any servers? • Where are each of the servers located (which of the two standings)? • How conciliate the servers be deployed? Manual or automated? Active Directory • Enumerate of AD lordships? • Conciliate there be any Read-Only Lordship Controllers? • How conciliate the cooperate standing factor into lordship master attributement? How conciliate AD standings be configured? • How conciliate AD organizational units be regularityatic (because how colresiduum system conciliate be used and users conciliate be regularityatic)? DNS and DHCP • DHCP drift project (e.g., lease times, enumerate of drifts, oration place) • Conciliate a produce of DHCP omission tolerance be instrumented? • Conciliate DHCP reservations be used for servers? • DNS spectryspace project (e.g., lordship spectry(s) disjoinedd, rive DNS for Internet/intranet, zones) • How conciliate DNS be handled for the cooperate standing? Application Services • How conciliate applications be deployed? If using Colresiduum Policy, what are the details on how Group Policy conciliate be used to deploy the software? Which software applications conciliate slight be deficiencyed? File and Printer Sharing • What shares susceptibility be deficiencyed? • Explain File Permissions Assignment Requirements There are favoring requirements for the assignment: The ultimate dependence should embrace at last 6 pages excellence of extract written by the tyro (not counting address page, images, diagrams, tables, or quotations), but may be longer, not to surpass closely 10 pages excellence of tyro-supplied extract. (With the required diagram, and other images, address page, etc., the ultimate dependence may end up life over than 10 pages in tediousness.) It must be double-spaced, bear 1-inch margins, and use 12-point Times New Roman or 10-point Arial/Helvetica font. A address page is required; APA produceat for the address page is optional. • At last one diagram must be understandd (not counted towards the minimum tediousness drawd above); this could be a diagram describing Active Directory components, DHCP/DNS project, file • • • • share hierarchy, or anything else that is excellence displaying graphically to repair the reader’s understanding of the scheme. Additional diagrams, images, or tables are pleasant. The dependence must caggravate all of the 6 main topics draftd over. Each precious should be explained after a while technical and employment reasoning. The solution should be reasonably inferential. Additional topics may be sheltered as desired. The edifice of the ultimate dependence is pliant. There is no favoring produceat required, although it should be regularityatic logically and embody a disjoined, unified solution. It is slight that the produceat conciliate understand disjoined sections for each of the 6 topics required, as courteous as a tabulation. At last two non-textbook, non-LabSim, non-Wikipedia regard is required; preferably, this would be a “best practice” train or homogeneous accomplishing from Microsoft or an conversant collectr of Microsoft solutions. Be permanent to appropriately name or refer-to any rises used. APA produceat is required for in-extract citations and the catalogue of works refer-tod at the end. It is expected that you are already common after a while UMGC's "Policy on Academic Dishonesty and Plagiarism." It is adapted in the Academic Policies section of the Syllabus. In its simplest produce, if you are using extract from a rise, you must refer-to and/or name it. If plagiarism is build, then there conciliate be a pain to the walk. ...
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