Unit 5 Discussion-Which Color Light Is The Result Of Greater Energy Transition

Unit 5 DiscussionAnswer the following questions and discuss your answers with your classmates. 1. Which color light is the result of greater energy transition, red or blue? When an electronmakes a transition from its first quantum level to the ground level, the energy difference is carriedby the emitted photon. In comparison, how much energy is needed to return an electron atground level to the first quantum level? How can it be provided? Explain. 2. What evidence supports the notion that light has wave properties? What evidence supports theview that it has particle properties?3. Describe the changes in atomic number when a nucleus emits one alpha particle, one betaparticle, or one gamma ray. 4. What prevents protons in the nucleus from flying apart due to electrical repulsion? Do protonsin a very large nucleus have a greater chance of flying apart? Are they less stable than smallernuclei? Explain. 5. What is the atomic number and mass number of the new element produced when 84 218Poemits a beta particle?6. A sample of a particular isotope registers 160 counts per minute. Eight hours later, the detectorregisters a rate of 10 counts per minute. What is the half-life of the material? How is thiscalculation related to carbon-14 dating?

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