Use The Dividend-Discount Model To Estimate The Value Of A Share Of Netflix’S Stock

Use the dividend-discount model to estimate the value of a share of Netflix’s stock and compare this estimate to the current market value. To do this, you will need to do the following: Estimate the firm’s stock price using the dividend-discount model: Use an investment source and find: 1) the current dividend, 2) analyst’s estimate growth rate for the next five to ten years, 3) an alternative growth estimate using the firm’s historical growth rate or the formula “g=ROE x b”.Use your estimate of the cost of equity in the WACC for the rE part of your formula: Combine the above information into the dividend-discount model (DDM).Compare your result to the current market price of your firm’s stock. Provide analysis and an explanation of how they compare and explain any differences you observe.

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