Use The Internet To Research The Annual Report Of At Least

1. Use the Internet to research the annual report of at least one (1) merchandising company. Determine which costing method (Last In First Out [LIFO], First In First Out [FIFO], or weighted average cost) that is used to record inventory by your selected company. Identify the three (3) primary advantages and three (3) primary disadvantages of using the costing method (LIFO, FIFO, and weighted average) that is used to record inventory. Provide support for your response. 2. “Normal Distribution” (Note: Please respond to one [1] of the following two [2] bulleted items)Take a position on whether or not the total area under a normal distribution is in?nite. Provide an example to support your response. From the e-Activity, discuss whether or not the winning history of the team you selected follows a normal distribution. Provide a rationale to support your response.