Using the five steps outlined in your PowerPoint presentation


Refer attached two files.



Only Q-1 1 n half pages.

All below question each 2 paragraph will be ok.

Q1. Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats: From a marketing perspective, which is the most important? Why? How might your response change if you were the CEO of a corporation? What if you were a customer of the firm? An employee? A supplier? (Note: This question requires your own critical thinking).

Answer These Questions on the Case Presented:

1. Using the five steps outlined in your PowerPoint presentation on developing an Internet Marketing strategy, outline the objective(s) of the Web site and the target audience.

2. What Internet function(s) should the Web site fulfill (Step 2)?

3. Describe the E-Commerce, B2B functions, and the consumer functions (Step 3).

4. Discuss the web design you think Wood Creek should use. How would you handle the security issue and database development (Step 4)?

5. How would you assess if the Web site was effective (Step 5)?

6. Using either a Web site development software, Word, or PowerPoint, design what you think the front page of Wood Creek’s Web site should look like.

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