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Part One

Customer satisfaction: Social media allows two way flow of information. The emergency department can communicate to an audience and get feedback from the audience. This allows emergency department to evaluate is programs provided to the audience and make adjustments where necessary. In addition to that, the audience can forward complain suggestions and opinions which the emergency department responds to. By doing so, the customer satisfaction is improved and the public confidence is improved. Moreover, emergency department can also use social media as a training tool for emergency response to the general public.

Faster distribution of content and information: Social media is a convenient way of distributing information and content to the public. Prior to social media, emergency departments had a problem of reaching their audience. Social media allows distribution of content and information fast and convenient. Sharing of content in social media is also allows repeated exposure to information, thus making it easy to accept the information provided.

Gathering of useful intelligence: Social media allow emergency department to follow conversations of other persons and make decisions on the same about their similar situations. In addition to that, social media provides alternative communication especial when other channels are faulty.

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