There are various competencies on marketing

There are various competencies on marketing that I learned when writing the course
comprehensive project. Besides leadership, marketing is one of the most important
aspects that should be considered in the success of an organization. The competencies
that I was able to learn during the course include proper identification of the market
niche, target market, and the proper marketing strategies that should be applied more
so when introducing a new product in the market. Through these competencies, I`m
now better placed in being able to effectively market a new product in the market and
be able to attain the goals and objectives of the organization.

The Intellipath assignment is very new and extremely hard for me. It is a great source
for determining my knowledge and it is available anytime when I want to learn more
and improve my knowledge in a certain topic. It helps me in our weekly discussion
board, in responding to my classmates accordingly, making the outline, and the
executive summary. It took me for a while to get used to Intellipath but it is definitely
a great way to learn this course. The knowledge gained from the Intellipath
exercises/assignments has been very helpful in completing the individual project.
Even though I have not yet completed the individual project, the knowledge gained
has provided me with the key aspects that I should be able to consider in the
introduction of my new product in the coffee market. Despite the level of competition
within the industry, the knowledge that I have gained will be very helpful in creating
the right strategies that I should adopt in entering the market.

Additionally, I was able to gain a lot of insight from the discussion forums that were
held where students provided me with their ideas concerning the new business.
Through such interactions, it was possible to understand the correct framework that I
will have to apply if the coffee business is to become successful.

The competencies and knowledge gained from the course will be very helpful in
advancing my career as a leader in marketing. Through this course, I have been able to
learn that in order to survive in the market; the key factor that I should be able to
consider is remaining relevant. By being relevant it means that one has to always be
updated on the ever changing needs of the market and ensure that they tap every
oncoming opportunity. Even though I have been a successful marketer in my

workplace, the competencies and knowledge gained will be a great milestone in
attaining higher goals and objectives in the future.

Dhār, Russ Winer and R. Marketing Management, Vital Source for Kaplan
University, 4th Edition. Pearson Learning Solutions, 2013. VitalBook file.

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