Week Two Scenario

Read the University of Phoenix Material: Week Two Scenario.

Complete the University of Phoenix Material: Week Two Scenario Summary.


From your Instructor:


Make sure to put your name on your paper.


Use the table that is provided in the assignment (upload and save it to your computer).  Then pull the elements out of the scenario that fit in each section.  Content within the table should be a minimum of one paragraph (4-6 sentences), and in full sentences. Corroborate the details that you are putting in the table with cited support from the textbook (full citations).  Because you will have citations within the table, you will also need to have an appropriate reference page with the reference for the textbook in APA format (see the APA PowerPoint in Week 1 for help with this).


To avoid plagiarism, paraphrased content must always be cited.  The words may be yours, but the information is not.  Here is a link to a video that explains it well:



Citations only need to include the page number if it is for a direct quote; otherwise, it is just the author’s last name and publication year.  Using just the page number, as the exaple shows on the worksheet, is NOT correct

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