What Are The Broad Outlines Of Web 3.0

1. What are the broad outlines of Web 3. 0?2. The Internet marketing paradigm includes both marketing inputs and marketing actions. Discuss the major components of both the inputs and the actions. 3. Differentiate between three key concepts: supply chain, value chain, and integrated value chain. IN OTHER WORD DOCUMENTIdentify the stages of the brand development process and describe the nature and importance of each by illustrating each stage with an example of the behavior a consumer might exhibit when going through that stage. what are the things that should be done in order to increase the chance of making an online video with a good marketing impact a-What is an online ad format? Why must marketers be familiar with the formats and understand what creating an online ad requires? b. What is a rich media ad? What benefits does it offer the marketer? Does it have any potential downsides?

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