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What is a wrongful death?
When is an act tortious?
What is the distinction between a personal tort and a property tort?
What damages are recoverable in a wrongful death action? What damages are not recoverable
in such an action?
5. What is the distinction between a tangible and intangible interest?
6. What is the danger of double recovery in survival and wrongful death actions, and what
are some of the ways that states have solved this problem?
7. What is an interest in land?
8. What is the nature of a private nuisance, in what ways can a private nuisance be created and
who can sue for private nuisance?
9. What is trespass to land and who can bring an action for trespass to land?
10. How is private nuisance different from public nuisance?
11. What defenses can be raised against a claim of public nuisance?
12. How does trespass to land differ from negligence?