When A Company Repurchases Its Own Stock The Remaining Outstanding Shares

1. When a company repurchases its own stock the remaining outstanding shares should?A. IncreaseB. DecreaseC. Not ChangeD. Not enough information2. When a company distributes cash to current shareholders it is called a ________?A. Share repurchaseB. DividendC. Capital spending projectD. none of these3. Share repurchases typically occur when management beleives a company’s stock is ________?A. selling at premiumB. overvaluedC. UndervaluedD. none of these4. An offer to buy stock from a firms shareholders by a party seeking to gain control of a firm is known as?A. open market operation?B. , tender offerC. solicitation to buyD. none of these5. a large cash distribution paid to a manager in the event of a merger is known as?A. greenmailb. golden parachuteC. fradulent paymentD. none of these6. when one firm attempts to acquire another firm against management of the target firms wishes is known as anA. mergerB. hostile takeoverC. acquisitiond. none of these

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