Which Of The Following Is An Argument For The Relevance Of Dividends

1. Retained earnings arean indication of a company’s liquidity. the same as cash in the bank. not important when determining dividends. the cumulative earnings of the company after dividends. 2. Which of the following is an argument for the relevance of dividends?Informational content. Reduction of uncertainty. Some investors’ preference for current income. All of the above. 3. All of the following are true of stock splits EXCEPT: market price per share is reduced after the split. the number of outstanding shares is increased. retained earnings are changed. proportional ownership is unchanged. 4. If Ian O’Connor Enterprises, Inc. , repurchased 50 percent of its outstanding common stock from the open (secondary) market, the result would bea decline in EPS. an increase in cash. a decrease in total assets. an increase in the number of stockholders. 5. On May 7, Melbourne Mining declared a $. 50-per-share quarterly dividend payable June 28 to stockholders of record on Friday, June 7. What is the latest date by which you could purchase the stock and still get the recently declared dividend?June 3June 4June 5June 6

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