Which of the following is named incorrectly

hich of the following is named incorrectly? What should its name be? A. All correct B. Sn3(PO4)4; tin(IV) phosphate C. FeSO4; iron(II) sulfate D. K3P; potassium phosphide E. Fe(OH)2; iron(III) hydroxide The number 4.89 rounded to two significant figures is A. 4.9 B. 4.8 C. 5.0 D. 5 E. 4.90 What is the molar mass of C15H26O16? (Please show work) Determine the percentage composition (by mass) of H2SO4 (Please show work) 10.4 g of Cr represents how many atoms? (Please show work) Aqueous solutions of sodium sulfide and silver nitrate are mixed to form solid silver sulfide and aqueous sodium nitrate. The net ionic equation contains which of the following species (when balanced in standard form)? 0.314 mol of a diatomic molecule has a mass of 22.26 g. Identify the molecule. A. I2 B. Cl2 C. F2 D. Br2 E. None of these 20. Which of the following has the largest percent by mass of carbon? A. CaCO3 B. CO2 C. NaHCO3 D. CH4 21. Which of the following has a triple bond? A. CH4 B. NO31- C. CO D. SO2 E. None of these 22. Which of the following bonds would be the most polar without being considered ionic? A. F-H B. Na-F C. S-H D. Cl-H E. O-H The change in E for a system is 31 kJ. If 175 kJ of work was done on the system, how much heat was released? A. +144 kJ B. +206 kJ C. -206 kJ D. -144 kJ E. -5.6 Kj

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