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Why has reforming the International Financial Institutions been proposed in

recent years and what are the primary obstacles to proposed reforms? Refer to one

of following institutions: the World Trade Organization, the International Monetary

Fund and/or the World Bank


What the Assessor will be looking for when marking this assignment:

1. Relevance to the question: Ensure your argument addresses the question

clearly and directly. Ensure that the concepts and examples you use are

focused on the question that you are addressing and the argument you are


2. Comprehension of Unit Material: ensure that your use of facts is accurate

and relevant concepts and theories are examined. Ensure you demonstrate

an understanding of the weekly required readings of the unit as a whole.

3. Critical analysis: Ensure you develop and sustain a coherent argument that is

critical (examines obvious counterarguments to your argument) and is

supported by providing reasons and evidence to support this position.

4. Evidence: Ensure relevant examples are used. This will require demonstrating

careful analysis of other people’s arguments and being critical of the

evidence at hand (this may require questioning the assumptions of the

material you have read).

5. Research: ensure that you use a significant amount of research (especially for

larger –research essays). You should not be overly dependent on web sources

– you should ensure that the number of web sources does not exceed your

journal articles and books.

6. Clear essay structure: it should possess an introduction that sets out how

you are going to answer the question, an essay body that considers evidence

and research and then links these to your point of view, and a conclusion that

reinforces your position in relation to the question.

7. Expression: Writing and grammar should be clear and consistent. Essay

structure should consist of paragraphs of 200 words or so which contains one

core idea – avoid using dot points or ‘mini-paragraphs’.

8. Referencing: One style of referencing should be used throughout when other

people’s ideas are being used. A well-presented bibliography of used sources

must be included.

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