Women should be allowed to drive

Women should be allowed to drive


Women in Saudi Arabia don’t drive. They are required to hire chauffeurs to drive them or be driven by a relative. There is mixed opinion on whether womendriving ban for women in Saudi Arabia is religious, cultural or just a way for men to control and decide everything for women. There is a general perception by women drivers that their counterparts who are banned from driving are unhappy. Globally, it is only in Saudi Arabia that women are not allowed to drive. Interesting part of this ban is that, it is not written in Saudi Arabia laws, but imposed through legal opinion. Moreover, there are no provisions in the Islamic law that ban women from driving. This essay does not intend to discuss the rights of women in Saudi Arabia, but provide an argument why women should be allowed to drive (Ramsdal 1-4).

Reasons for allowing women to drive

Banning women from from driving is an inconvenience in their daily life and that of others. In a situation where women are not allowed to drive, they hire chauffeurs or they are driven by family members, this means that in the absence of the chauffeur and the relative, a woman cannot leave the house. In addition to that, when driven by relatives, it is also an inconvenience to the relative who would be doing something else (Ramsdal 1-4).

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