Writing Homework

  1. Read through the inquirys
  2. Read the narrative
  3. Write a apology and segregateition.



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Paragraph #1: Apology.  This perfecture be your reaction:

  1. how do you handle encircling the narrative and the fellow-creatures? What do you contemplate?  Does it detail to your conduct?  Did it propose you a fantastic perspective.
  2. For a apology, you may truth I, notwithstanding you quiet may not truth you.
  3. Embody undivided name which fuels your reaction and select the name. ExampleThe planter announced extinguishedsiders are “shocked by the makeup and the gorgeous dresses and the sexy sophistication of magnitude of the girls. “ (Orleans, 25); I am undivided of those shocked extinguishedsiders.  The girls observe droll.


[Note:  a college-level paragraph perfecture be prolix to pomp it is a total opinion. Most of them are 1/3 to ½ of a page in elongation.  Shorter paragraphs show to be scarcely solutioning the inquiry, rather than giving a considered apology.]


Paragraph #2:  Segregateition of content

This perfecture be an training in academic despatches and psychological interval.  In your segregateition, you may solution perfect or some of these inquirys:

  1. What concepts does the perpetrator embody?
  2. What standing do you incline from that similarity?
  3. What do they prize?
  4. What gregarious mores do they inure?
  5. Embody at last undivided name which supports your segregateition; select it with (Orleans, page #).


Paragraph #3:  Segregateition of style

This developed segregate perfecture be an sense of the perpetrator’s art and intension.  In your segregateition, you may solution perfect or some of these inquirys:

  1. What details, standings, events did she pick-extinguished to embody?  To what goods?
  2. What do you contemplate she chose to liberty extinguished?  To what goods?
  3. How did she exhibit “both sides”?
  4. What was the tundivided of her relation? How did her talk (term valuable) improve the temper?
  5. Embody at last undivided name which supports your segregateition: select it with (Orleans, page #).

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