You Bought 100 Shares Of Ibm At $90/Share One Year Ago.

1. You bought 100 shares of IBM at $90/share one year ago. The stock price is now $100, and you also receive a cash dividend of $2/share. How much is the rate of return?2. Based on a study of U. S. capital markets for the 1900-2000 period, the geometric average returns on U. S. Treasury bills, government bonds, and common stocks are 4. 0%, 5. 2%, and 11. 7%, respectively. Suppose $1,000 was invested at the beginning of 1900 in the each of the three securities. Please calculate the value of each investment by the end of 2000. [Note: There are 101 years during the 1900-2000 period. ]3. We have the following information for the XYZ stock: Year Annual Return 2012 10% 2013 -15% 2014 15%2015 20 Calculate the arithmetic average annual return. Calculate the geometric average annual return. Calculate the standard deviation. If $1000 is invested in the stock at the start of 2012, how much will it become by year-end 2015?

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