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Preparing Reports and Oral Presentaion
(One or Two Pages) informal report
ILO: Research: Using research Results

You just joined the ABC Co. and as your first work assignmnet, your boss asked you to analyze and report to him on the company’s sales for the first nine months of the your. She gave your the following table to use as data from company sales department to:

1- Calculate the mean for each quarter and all averages for the year to date. ( each year is divided for 4 quarters, each quarter represents 3 months)

2- Then identify and discuss quarterly sales trends.

3- create a your won sales table to be more convincing and improve effective communication

ABC Company 2015 Sales Data
Month Sales Month Sales
January 24,600 August 30,500
April 21,200 March 23,000
Juy 29.900 June 26,800
February 25,900 September 26,600
May 24,600

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