Your definition should be in your own words and

WRITING ASSIGNMENT – Module 2Complete and submit this assignment. VocabularyPlease write the term and its definition. Your definition should be in your own words andlimited to one or two sentences. coherent scatteringCompton scatteringincoherent scatteringphotoelectric effectpair productiondifferential absorptionannihilation reactiondirect collisionsdosecharge particle equilibriumbremsstrahlungpositronpositroniummultiple-collision energytransferpionsaccelerated charge particlesRBELETQuestionsAnswer each of the following short-essay questions in one page or less. 1. How are Raleigh scattering and Compton scattering different?2. At what energies will the photoelectric effect, Compton scattering, and pairproduction be the most important process for energy loss of photons in tissue?3. Why is there a threshold for pair production?4. For photons of 50 keV, 500 keV, and 5 MeV, what will be the most likely initialinteraction with tissue?5. For a photon of 5 MeV, describe the initial interaction of the photon and anysecondary particles (such as photons, electrons, positrons . . . ). 6. Considering the relative size of the nucleus and the atom, why are directcollisions rare events?7. Describe the energy-loss interactions of a 1 MeV electron until it is at rest. 8. What is the most damaging part of the alpha particle range?9. Why are neutrons so damaging to tissue?110. What is the maximum energy of a proton recoiling from a 1 MeV neutron?11. Explain the relationship between LET and RBE. 12. Compare and contrast both densely-ionizing and sparsely-ionizing radiation. 2